Mission: Improve the Life Expectancy and Wellbeing of All First Responders.

All Clear = Danger Has Passed

All Clear Foundation is driven to change the harmful stigmas and daunting statistics plaguing the First Responder profession. By creating, convening, funding and amplifying innovative programs focused on improving their life expectancy and wellbeing, we have the opportunity to positively impact the men and women who sacrifice so much and shoulder unfathomable burdens in their efforts to keep us and our communities safe.

It’s time we
reciprocate.give them the All Clear.

Totality of Wellness

A Call to Action

It was a simple call to action based on the discovery of a universal need. The leaders of Global Medical Response, America’s largest ground and air ambulance organization, were actively searching for a variety of resources to support their front-line employees who day-after-day were responding to horrific mass-shootings, large-scale national disasters and the thousands of calls in their neighborhoods that resulted in the death or significant injury of a community member. The cumulative effects of responding to everyday traumas – and not-so-everyday disasters – was taking its toll. After much effort and outreach, they discovered that finding adequate and appropriate resources to support Global Medical Response’s more than 35,000 emergency medical professionals was not currently possible – and for one reason only: it didn’t exist on that scale.

So, if resources weren’t available at the levels Global Medical Response needed, they imagined the more than 3+ million First Responders in the US didn’t have the support they required either. With that realization, and driven by a sense of responsibility to their employees and first responder peers, as well as the family members who share the burden day in and day out, the leaders of Global Medical Response committed to funding the startup and first two years of administrative costs required to establish All Clear Foundation.

As an independent, nonpartisan and public nonprofit charity, All Clear Foundation is dedicated to collaboratively convening, supporting and developing desperately needed resources for all First Responders.

A Fundamental Change In Approach

There are countless charitable organizations working to support First Responders. And yet with all the dedication and passion focused on their wellbeing, almost none of our First Responders have access to the appropriate levels of resources they need. This may be due to:

  • Lack of Funding
  • Lack of Awareness
  • Lack of Proven Programs
  • Lack of Leadership Support
  • Lack of Access
  • … or All of These

And the struggle is particularly difficult for the 80% of responders who work in remote areas or are volunteers.

All Clear Foundation believes that by collaborating to harness expertise and using technology to make it widely available, we can help deliver solutions that provide the quality and universal support our emergency responders deserve.

Governed by Impact

The ultimate measure of All Clear Foundation’s success will be evidenced by meaningful statistical change. Each of our programs is created with the objective of achieving one or more of the following for First Responders: reducing heart attacks, metabolic disease, suicides and traumatic stress levels or increasing life expectancy, resiliency, family wellbeing and career satisfaction/longevity.

Our approach and methodology for affecting change is progressive, unconventional and sometimes daring, yet never risky and always balanced with accountability and transparency – as evidenced by our Gold Seal of Transparency from GuideStar.

Our programs focus on the following areas:

  • Mental & Emotional: Promote awareness, empowerment, acceptance and action towards mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • Physical & Physiological: Mitigate the seen and unseen negative physical impacts, promoting optimal health and longevity
  • Social & Family: Support the building and maintaining of healthy social and family lives, for the long-term
  • Spiritual: Share resources for those seeking spiritual, religious or philosophical support