All Clear Foundation was founded to create easily accessible and navigable solutions for the wellness challenges faced by emergency responders with the end goal of improving responder longevity and wellbeing.

Response work brings unique physiologic, mental, and emotional hazards that can be mitigated when recognized and equipped.

Our collaboration with Sigma Tactical Wellness promotes a comprehensive solution to a problem that has plagued law-enforcement and other emergency responders for years: preventable cardiac and metabolic disease.

All Clear Foundation Solutions

Standard medical protocols often fail to recognize the early onset and widespread prevalence of metabolic and cardiac disease associated with high stress professions. As a result, many officers remain undiagnosed and unaware of the occupational hazard even when adhering to recommended routine medical evaluations. Ultimately this oversight impacts officers, their loved ones, and the communities they serve.

In their shared mission to support the wellbeing and longevity of responders, All Clear Foundation is piloting a program with Sigma Tactical Wellness, which increases the accessibility of Sigma’s tactical medical screening to law enforcement officers. This evidence-based clinical evaluation has been demonstrated to identify early stage heart disease even in young, fit, and asymptomatic individuals.

Through this collaboration, we provide proactive, intensive screenings to officers in urban and rural settings, regardless of their age, gender, or ethnicity. This valuable initiative:

  • builds awareness that reduces stigma
  • decreases financial barriers
  • delivers enhanced care locally

Responders can benefit from our solutions

Sigma has pioneered a new system of cardiac/metabolic screening correlating known risk factors, genetics, and occupational stressors that are characteristic of law-enforcement. Over the last five years, we have shown massive potential in eliminating the catastrophic effects of cardiovascular disease amongst first responders.

Looking to make a tangible impact on the wellbeing of the Responder community?

Consider supporting our work with Sigma Tactical Wellness to provide Emergency Responders with comprehensive inflammation-based medical screenings that provide awareness, prevention, early detection, and personal guidance to optimize their health.

Standard medical protocols often fail to recognize the early onset and widespread prevalence of metabolic and cardiac disease associated with high stress professions. As a result, many Responders remain undiagnosed and unaware of the occupational hazards even when adhering to recommended routine medical evaluations. Ultimately, this oversight impacts Responders, their loved ones, and the communities they serve. We are working to change this. Healthy Responders strengthen our communities.

Responders, did you know we suffer earlier onset and increased rates of many cardiac, metabolic, and other medical issues including cancer?

Sigma Tactical utilizes an inflammation-based screening specific to high stress professions to help increase awareness, diagnose early, identify preventive actions, and aid in recovery. All Clear Foundation is pleased to partner with Sigma Tactical to help increase YOUR overall wellbeing.

Check out this short video for more details and hear from Responders who have benefitted.

The Process

Sigma Tactical Wellness incorporates novel testing modalities that have been proven effective in over 5000 law enforcement officers from across the United States. It is through this aggressive and cutting-edge technology that the rates of heart attack, obesity, and other metabolic illness can be drastically reduced if not eliminated.

This is accomplished through all of the following components:

  • Electrocardiogram (ECG) with physician interpretation and evaluation
  • Cardiometabolic stress test with evaluation and reporting
  • Advanced Lipid Panel and biomarker analysis through a partnership with The Cleveland Heart Lab
  • Consultation with a mid-level clinician (Advanced Practice Nurse/practitioner or Physician’s Assistant)
  • Consultation with Exercise Physiologist
  • In-depth nutritional analysis
  • Aggregated data report to command staff and administrative personnel to continue to show validation of the Sigma Model of cardio metabolic risk.

This intensive, tailored evaluation alerts officers to the negative health impacts of the job properly assesses their cardiac risk, and provides them with the knowledge to mitigate that risk through a combination of lifestyle change and medical intervention.

In addition to improving officers’ wellness throughout their careers and into retirement, this prevention of injury and illness saves agencies countless dollars. This cost savings is more important than ever.

Executive Summaries

Rhonda Kelly

Rhonda Kelly

Rhonda served in emergency response for more than 20 years, starting out as an expanded practice EMT in the Antarctic then transitioning to career and volunteer EMT roles in Colorado. For 17 years, she served as a firefighter/paramedic for the Aurora Fire Department, working part-time as an ER and Psych ER nurse. During the last few years of her fire career, she promoted to Health & Safety Officer, developing physical fitness, nutrition, wellness, injury prevention, crisis response, and mental wellness programs.

In 2016, she founded ResponderStrong, a collaborative initiative to build better mental health supports for responders and their families. In January 2020, ResponderStrong transitioned to its new home within the All Clear Foundation as Rhonda became the National Director of Health & Wellness for Global Medical Response. In November 2020, she was appointed Executive Director of the All Clear Foundation, continuing her work to improve the overall wellness of responders and frontline healthcare workers.

Dr. Benjamin Stone

Dr. Benjamin Stone

Upon graduation from the University of Arkansas, Dr. Benjamin Stone attended Exeter College of Oxford University through the United States Air Force Institute of Technology. At Oxford, Dr. Stone developed a keen interest in cardiovascular physiology. He completed his PhD and related coursework for his medical doctorate and also coordinated research at the British Olympic Medical Institute, Oxford Nutraceuticals Group, and Cambridge University. Dr. Stone served as Assistant Professor of Exercise Physiology at the University of Central Arkansas, Sr. Tutor at Oxford University, and designed curriculums for the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

In 2017, Dr. Stone co-developed Sigma Tactical Wellness, an organization intent on determining the causes-of and reducing the prevalence of coronary disease in law enforcement officers throughout the United States. To date, his program has screened more than 5000 police officers and the derived data and methods are being used across the nation to save countless lives.

As a well-regarded lecturer, Dr. Stone has presented data at the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference, Texas Chiefs Association, The FBI National Academy, and many other state, local, and federal law-enforcement agencies.

All Clear Foundation has partnered to create innovative programs that amplify its mission to improve the life expectancy and wellbeing of all Emergency Responders. Whether you are a donor, sponsor, Agency or Responder, YOU CAN JOIN US.



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