Improving mental health supports for Responders and their families.


“This course is a MEANINGFUL training directed at individuals both on the job and at home. Useful tactics such as changing one’s perspective, can tremendously alter someone’s ability to be more resilient.”

“Thank you. This needs to be offered to management and higher levels in departments and operations. Especially to understand and support mental health and unseen injuries being relevant and respected like on the job physical injuries.”

“SO much great information. Thank you very much! I wish it were taught in every Academy and class from the beginning. We have our work cut out for us! Thank you for all you do!”

What is ResponderStrong Mental Health Curriculum?

A four-hour highly engaging, packed with useable content class created by Emergency Responders working with our educator and clinician allies. Topics covered include occupational stress injury, suicidality, burnout, and resilience.


Most Responders are not familiar with the stress injury model or the long-term mental, emotional, and physical impacts of occupational stress and trauma. As a result, we see shocking statistics around anxiety, depression, burnout, compassion fatigue, substance misuse, and suicidality. Oftentimes, our loved ones are also impacted.


All Clear Foundation is a strong believer in the ability of Responders to take effective action to protect themselves when they are empowered. So, we created this content covering stress injury, the impacts of stress, and ways to effectively mitigate them. Created by Responders, for Responders, the original one-time class format was so successful, we decided to expand our reach through the creation of a Train the Trainer Workshop.

To scale it nationally, we partner with corporate and philanthropic supporters to provide these one-day Workshops FREE of charge to agencies, champions, and ambassadors across the country. We save reinventing the wheel by empowering these formal and informal leaders with the vetted content that resonates with Responders. Click the link below for a PDF with more information.

If you or a loved one are in crisis, you can text BADGE to 741-741 to connect confidentially with a trained crisis counselor.