Responder Rel8 An All Clear Foundation Solution

A confidential app that provides Responders a safe place to connect and chat anonymously with each other.

What is Responder REL8?

ResponderRel8 provides a free, confidential platform for Emergency Responders and Frontline Medical Workers. Available 24/7, Responders can connect with others who have similar lived experience, which helps normalizing the stressors and challenges of the job while increasing connection.


  • Responders are routinely called to deal with the worst days of others’ lives.
  • No one understands the demands of this duty better than other Responders.
  • The job can leave us feeling lonely, frustrated, and misunderstood sometimes.
  • We all benefit from having someone -who gets it and doesn’t judge- to listen.


The ResponderREL8 app supports all Responders– career and volunteer, hire through retire.

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